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Logo Designs

The purpose of a logo is to represent a business. They are designed to visually convey the distinctive personality of the company and what it stands for. On the other hand, individuals are able to engage with and freely interpret images when they are presented in abstract and straightforward ways. Our aspiring graphic designers have the ability to create substantial and intricate aspects while also creating a basic logo with the ability to connect with a wide variety of audiences. AnimateWell creates simple logo designs that accurately portray your company’s identity and are easily recalled by customers when they hear the name of your company!

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Here’s our some list in different types of LOGOS that we create:

combination mark logo

A combination mark logo combines both a graphic and a word. The text, picture, or icon combination on these aids in better communicating your company’s branding message. The fact that it tells a story about your company and creates a memorable picture of your brand makes it ideal for new enterprises as well.

Watch the video we’ve provided as examples below.


Letterform logos may be readily scaled because they are minimal. They may be used as favicons, social media profile images, app icons, and more because of this. If your companies value simplicity, this logo design is ideal for them. A strong dose of personality and shape is required for a business logo to stand out.


A lettermark logo reduces its length by grouping each word’s initials. Since this is the most identifiable view, it is a good idea to choose a unique company name that will stick in clients’ minds. If your brand name is lengthy and contains more than two words, going bold and keeping it straightforward is a wonderful decision.


An abstract logo is a conceptual, thought-provoking graphic that evokes powerful feelings and connections in the viewer. The goal of this style of logo is to fully convey the meaning and storyline of the brand with one image. This could help to make the adaptability of your logo in attracting business customers and owners.

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